Bringing together Europe’s leading airline CEOs, policymakers and global aviation leaders

2022 highlighted how central aviation is to the lives of Europeans as millions of people got back on board to travel, to reconnect and embrace their freedom to move about the continent.

However a perma-crisis in Europe, built off a pandemic, an unprecedented war and an evolving economic environment, poses challenging questions for Europe’s airlines. These questions will set the tone for the remainder of the decade to come, particularly in the context of a globally competitive market.

This year’s Aviation Summit gives us space to catch our breath after an intense 2022 and take stock of how airlines have gotten back to safely transporting millions of passengers across Europe. How do we continue on from this and ensure that we have a strong, sustainable and competitive airline industry in Europe?

Countdown to A4E 2023

Confirmed speakers include

Commissioner for Transport
European Commission
Air France-KLM
CEO & A4E Chair
Lufthansa Group
Director of the Transport Area
Florence School of Regulation
Ryanair Holdings
International Business Correspondent
Managing Director
Airlines for Europe (A4E)